What Is UGC-NET Exam And The Top 5 Advantages Of Clearing It!

A variety of exams are held in the country for admissions to various fields. Some exams we are very well aware of are NEET, IIT-JEE, CAT, UPSC, etc. One more known Exam to add to this list is the UGC-NET Exam. This Exam is for those who want to get into the teaching field or become a professor. This is known as the UGC National Eligibility Entrance Exam that determines the eligibility to become an assistant professor.

Now the next question is which people wonder about is what the UGC-NET Exam is?

The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore explains that the UGC-NET is the University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test. The National Testing Agency acting under the guidance and on behalf of the UGC conducts this examination. This Exam is taken by candidates who wish to become an assistant professor or pursue a junior research fellowship or both in colleges and universities. This Exam determines their eligibility.

Earlier, the authority to conduct this Exam was with the CBSE board, conducting the 12th-grade exams. But presently, the authority to conduct this Exam is with the National Testing Agency.

The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore says that the Exam is conducted twice every year, and the number of students appearing is increasing every year. The test acts as a private college-based lectureship and opens job opportunities at public sector undertakings.

Presently the UGC has become one of the major exams in India. UGC opens the path to PSU recruitment drive to various fields like human resource, management, finance, and corporate communications.

There are a lot of benefits of clearing this examination as you can already guess it from the above read. Let’s take a detailed look at all the benefits of clearing the examination.

The 5 most beneficial advantages of clearing the UGC-NET Exam are listed below:

Candidate Becomes Eligible For JRF Scholarship:

The most notable benefit of qualifying for the UGC-NET is that you become eligible for a stipend or fellowship. So isn’t that great?

Once you clear the UGC NET exam, you become eligible to avail of the Junior Research Fellowship if you wish to pursue further studies like PhD, M.Phil. from UGC participating colleges.

The UGC-NET coaching institutes reveal that you receive a handsome fellowship of 31,000 during research work and studies. The amount increases to 35000 for the remaining period of tenure left. Now that is something massive. Don’t you think so?

This is undoubtedly a fantastic benefit of qualifying for the UGC-NET Exam.

  • Getting An Opportunity To Work In Top Laboratories:

Qualifying for the UGC-NET Exam unveils one of the best opportunities if you have a passion for research work. UGC-NET opens the gateway to work in top research laboratories in India under the supervision of renowned researchers and scientists.

The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore says that besides this, you get to work at various posts like JRF (Junior Research Fellow), SRF (Senior Research Fellow), SPF (Senior Project Fellow), and PF (Project Fellow). And the stipend for fellowship is between 18k and 40k. And you will also be upgraded based on your skills and knowledge. So if you see, this is a very fantastic opportunity that UGC-NET unleashes.

  • Become An Assistant Professor At The Top Universities:

Another very satisfying benefit of clearing the UGC-NET Exam is the opportunity to work as an assistant professor in any top-notch university or college. If your goal or dream is to work as a lecturer, UGC-NET provides you with this fantastic career opportunity.

If the UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore is believed, the UGC-NET lands you in very satisfying and respectable job opportunities. The initial pay for an assistant professor is between 25k to 45k, which is so good. And also, this increases gradually and freely once you are promoted to higher classes or positions.

  • Opportunity To Upgrade Career:

UGC-NET comes as a boon for people already working as lecturers or lab technicians in any college. It’s like an icing on the cake opportunity for the people working in the research area. So all over, if you see, UGC-NET gives a hike to your career growth opportunities if you are presently working in any of the categories mentioned above.

Not only this, but if you happen to clear UGC-NET, you are immediately in the spotlight. People will start to identify you as a more talented and promising, and deserving candidate. And you know very well how important it is to be seen like that in the eyes of the manager and other higher authorities. This becomes exceptionally essential if you happen to aim for a promotion from your existing work profile.

To enroll yourself for UGC-NET coaching if you want a promotion from your current position and money with more respect and power from the higher authorities. Isn’t it great? What else do you want if not this?

  • Enhanced Career Preferences:

Cracking the UGC-NET Exam is like adding a feather to your cap. It’s a moment of pride. It’s not just a certificate that you earn; it’s an honor to be able to clear this Exam. This showcases your education expertise and intelligence. With the qualification in this Exam, you can outshine everyone in terms of career preferences.

UGC-NET becomes the center of attraction in your resume, and you will always be able to take the upper hand over other job applicants if you are UGC-NET qualified.

The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore states that if you have a master’s degree and a UGC-NET qualifier, there is no looking back. This is a deadly combination, and it will uplift your resume like never before. Job recruiters will always prefer you over other applicants.

So UGC-NET is a crucial exam from a career point of view if you want to make a career in the teaching field.

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Written by Priya Banerjee

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