Web designer services by Vancouver Web Design Company

Web designer services by Vancouver Web Design Company

A business card site is a one-page site where you can get information about your services, find out prices, contact information and address. Such a web business card will be an excellent advertisement on the Internet 24 hours a day. Our Vancouver web design company offers the creation of a business card website.

Today the site is a part of the company’s image and not only of the company. Now there are sites for individuals who offer some kind of service. The advantage of the Internet is that it has no boundaries and you can get acquainted with your services 24 hours a day.

Perhaps you are just starting your business and you do not have the opportunity to order a multi-page website. There is nothing wrong with that. You can start with a one-page site and gradually build on and expand it. This approach will not hit your finances hard, but it will allow you to go online. You can make a business card site with us.

Site examples – business cards

The main purpose of such a site is to build trust so that a person wants to use your service. The business card page can be very beautiful and bright, but this does not mean that it will achieve its goal. Why? Because web design development at Vancouver web design company is about more than pretty pictures.

To create a site visit, we do:

  • Competitor analysis. Such an analysis allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, which will be taken into account when creating your website. This will allow you to create a site different from others and set you apart from the rest.
  • Work with text.  Usually the customer provides the text, and we, for our part, modify this text so that it is easy to read.
  • Development of the structure. A website prototype or its scheme is created. The prototype shows the location of the main elements.
  • Development of a design layout. At this stage, the site acquires colors, is filled with text and pictures. Website design development is a way to leave a first good impression of you and creative web design helps us in this.
  • Layout. This is necessary in order for the layout to be displayed in the browser and to become functional. At this point, the site becomes live.

What does web design services include?

At Vancouver web design company our services include:

  • Website design. Combination of colors, pictures and text. The visitor should be pleased to be on the site.
  • Analysis and user behavior. The site is created for a specific group of people and the designer must understand these people well so that the site attracts and inspires trust.
  • Website structuring. It is important that the information is arranged logically and the visitor can easily find everything he needs.

Web site design development is more than pretty pictures.

Why is it worth ordering a business card website from us?

  • Responsive design that works on mobile and tablet.
  • Creative web design. Your site will not be stereotyped and similar to competitors.
  • Technical quality. The site works like a clock.
  • Marketing. We research your business and competitors.
  • Our attitude. We treat our orders responsibly and deliver the work on time.
  • Step-by-step payment. This payment method suits many people.

Web design. Creation development and maintenance of websites

Since 2005, being engaged in web design and keeping our finger on the pulse of site building, we offer our clients high-quality web design, competent assembly on a fast, safe and convenient management system, valid layout taking into account SEO trends, further support and maintenance.

As a complex, or separately, you can order:

  • Turnkey website development
  • Creation of business card sites
  • Creation of directory sites
  • CSS-HTML layout of templates
  • Integration of a ready-made template into a content management system

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Design and layout of advertising printing

Since 1995, at Vancouver web design company we have been working in the printing industry. We follow trends in the field of printing design, printing technologies. We understand materials and equipment, the laws of typography and layout. Our company own all the necessary graphic editors and specialized programs. As a complex, or separately, you can order from me:

  • Creation of advertising printing
  • Design and layout of brochures and catalogs
  • Design and layout of leaflets and booklets
  • Souvenir printing design
  • Outdoor advertising layout

Development of logos and other elements of corporate identity

By creating a better corporate identity or rebranding, you communicate to your consumers that your company is growing and strengthening its position. And if you are starting a business from scratch, then you just need a competent and modern logo and its minimal adaptation to popular media.

As a complex, as well as separately we produce:

  • Creation of corporate identity
  • Logo creation
  • Creating a guideline
  • Brand book development
  • Souvenir design

Advertising photography.

Retouching and color correction

No selling ad or website is complete without quality images or photographs. High-quality filmed and processed products directly affect the formation of the company’s image and recognition against the background of competitors. For a high-quality result, it is not enough to have professional photographic and lighting equipment, experience in advertising, knowledge of the laws of printing, knowledge of a wide range of software, knowledge of the laws of optics and lighting are equally important.

You can order advertising subject, macro, catalog, image, interior photography or processing of existing low-quality photographs from me.

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