Ways to join Indian army after 12th

Do you aspire to wear a soldier’s uniform as a badge of honor? Have you always wanted to serve your country? When it is about joining the Indian Army, one must have enthusiasm, patience, and determination. Following the brave path means constantly being ready to take a bullet for the sake of your country and motherland! Being a part of the Indian Army is a difficult procedure that includes exams, training, and much more. It is one of the top jobs for 12th graders and a career that requires loyalty and perseverance. 

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How to Join the Indian Army?

There are two unique ways to enter the respected posts of the Indian Army: by taking specific admission tests or going straight to recruitment rallies. The Lieutenant is the entry-level position in the Indian Army, and it progresses through the ranks until it reaches the highest level, General.

How to Join the Indian Army After 10th?

In most cases, a candidate can join the Army after completing their 10th grade and achieving an aggregate grade of at least 40% to 45 percent. They can only apply for two positions, however:

General Duties of a Soldier Tradesman

The Indian Army will perform a physical fitness test, a written exam, and a medical test as part of the selection process.

 How to Join the Indian Army After 12th?

After completing 12th grade, individuals can join the Indian Army in one of two methods. The following are the details:

  1. National Defense Academy 
  2. Technical Entry Scheme ( TES)

National Defense Academy

The Joint Defence Service Training Institute of the Indian Armed Forces is the National Defense Academy. Before moving on to their separate training institutes for additional training, all army candidates for the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, the Indian Army train together here. Candidates for admission to these top academies must pass the following tests:

Obtaining a passing score on the UPSC-conducted NDA written exam

Clearing the Interview Round of the Services Selection Board

The candidate must pass the Medical Test after passing the Interview Round.

The final merit list is published based on these three rounds, and the selected candidates are trained for three years before being sent to their different training schools for a year of training before being granted a commission. Candidates will also be able to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree in B.A., BSc, or B.C.s. Candidates receive substantial training in outdoor activities such as exercises, P.T., and one foreign language up to B1 level in addition to their academic preparation.

It’s also worth noting that only unmarried male candidates between the ages of 16 and 19 can enroll in this institution. They must also pass their 12th grade from a recognized institution.

Technical Entry Scheme ( TES)

The Technical Scheme Examination is also an option for those interested in joining the Indian Army. This exam is only open to unmarried male applicants who have completed their 12th grade in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Candidates are evaluated based on their 10 + 2 scores, following which they will be asked to attend an interview with the Services Selection Board.

The chosen applicants are then enrolled in a B.E. course in the stream of their choice and trained for four years for the Army’s lieutenant level. The cadet will be issued a permanent commission in the Army and the rank of Lieutenant upon completion of the school.

How can Women Join the Indian Army?

Women were first allowed to formally join the Indian Army and serve their country in 1992. Since then, over 1200 women cadets have been commissioned into various branches of the Indian Army. The following are the several ways in which women can join the Indian Army:

UPSC/SSC (the United States Public Service Commission) Entry/Short Service Commission ( Non-Technical )

NCC (Non-UPSC Entry Short Service Commission) is a short service commission that does not require UPSC entry ( Judge Advocate General)

UPSC Exams ( Technical )

UPSC Entry/ Short Service Commission ( Non-Technical)

Women who do not have an engineering background are classified as short service commission (Non-Technical). They are chosen after taking a written test. Cadets who pass the written exam will be invited to interview with the Services Selection Board.

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