Vaginal Water Discharge – Is this Gynae Issue Dangerous? Everyth

Vaginal water discharge can indicate serious underlying health issues. If you’re experiencing such discharges, here’s everything gynaecologists and experts of infertility treatment in Bangalore want you to know.

Vaginal discharge is a form of fluid produced by women’s vaginas and cervixes. According to all experts of infertility treatment in Bangalore, these discharges are natural and healthy. The fluid helps keep vaginas clean, moisturized, and protected from bacterial agents.

What is Normal Vaginal Water Discharge According to IVF doctors in Bangalore?

Normally, watery vaginal discharge is odourless, transparent, and contains only healthy bacteria. The presence of healthy bacteria makes the discharges acidic, which helps destroy dead cells and potentially harmful bacteria. Plus, the volumes and appearances of vaginal discharges evolve during pregnancy. During ovulation, pregnant women discharge thicker liquids from their vaginas at faster rates.

What is Abnormal Vaginal Water Discharge According to IVF doctors in Bangalore?

When does watery vaginal discharge become a threat? When the colour, smell, and consistency of vaginal discharges are strange, there may be underlying infections causing these changes. Inflammations caused by the infections may incite the vulva region and cause itchiness or burning sensations during intercourse or urination.

Doctors advise women who experience watery vaginal discharges to look out for the following symptoms –

  • Itchiness and redness in the vaginal regions
  • Burning sensations during urination.
  • Itchiness in the vulva
  • Yellow or green-coloured discharges
  • Unpleasant odours in the discharges
  • Thick powdery discharges instead of thin or watery discharges

Since normal vaginal discharges keep vaginal tissues active, healthy, and well-lubricated, their absence can cause some health problems for women.

Causes of Unhealthy Vaginal Discharges

Sometimes abnormal increases in vaginal discharges are caused by normal menstrual cycle changes. These changes aren’t accompanied by symptoms, so women don’t need to worry about them.

Pregnancy can also affect the appearance and amounts of vaginal discharge. Women who take birth control pills and oestrogen-enhancing pills may also experience similar effects. These are all healthy causes of temporary abnormalities in vaginal discharges.

However, vaginal discharges with bad odours appearances and accompanied with symptoms like itching or burning signal the need for treatment. The long-term presence of such abnormalities in your vaginal discharge indicates that you have vaginal inflammation.

This inflammation can be caused by one or many of the following factors –

  • Infection (e.g., yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, etc.)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Vaginitis
  • Cervicitis
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Cancers (mainly cervical cancers and vaginal cancers)
  • Vaginal atrophy

Women should always sanitize their underwear whenever they notice abnormal water discharge. Hygienic activities like using soaps or regularly changing the tampons may also help.

But, if the vaginal discharge continues to be abnormal despite these efforts, women must seek professional help. They should visit top gynaecologists or IVF doctors in Bangalore to get officially diagnosed.

Diagnosing Abnormal Vaginal Discharge – What the Experts of Infertility Treatment in Bangalore Recommend

Changes in vaginal discharge are indicative of various diseases. Doctors review the symptoms experienced by the patient (burning, irritation, etc.) and recommend various tests before confirming the diagnosis. Here are some diagnostic tests that women with abnormal vaginal water discharge have to go through –

  • Pelvic Exams: The doctor examines the patient’s vagina and cervix. Pressure is applied to the patient’s ovaries and uterus to detect abnormalities in the underlying tissues and organs.
  • pH tests: pH tests help doctors determine the acid content in the discharge. Normal vaginal water discharge is acidic. But, high levels of acid are caused by external infections, and they change the vagina’s pH levels for the worse.
  • Discharge Samples: Samples of the patient’s discharge are sent to the lab to detect bacterial infections. Patients suffering from yeast infections or trichomonas infections are diagnosed via these tests.
  • STD Tests: All adults should get regular STD tests. It’s impossible to receive treatment at any fertility centre in Bangalore if you don’t receive these tests. So, if women are asked to undergo STD testing because of abnormalities in their vaginal discharge, they shouldn’t feel embarrassed. STD testing is simple. Doctors collect the sample of the abnormal discharge and send it to different labs for different types of tests. Typically, the discharge is lab tested for chlamydia, trichomonas, and gonorrhoea. These three are the most common STDs that cause abnormal vaginal water discharge.

Should you get diagnosed with abnormal vaginal water discharge? Depends on the duration of vaginal discharge. If your discharge takes on an uncharacteristic character for more than five to seven days, seek treatment.

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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: Can This Condition Be Treated?

Yes. Quick diagnosis and treatment can help eradicate the underlying causes behind the abnormal vaginal discharge. Experts of gynaecology and infertility treatment in Bangalore have made major advances in treating this condition. Their treatment plans include –

  • Administering of Medications: Medications that relieve itching (e.g., antibiotic medication to treat bacterial skin infections).
  • Home Therapies: Regular application of antifungal creams (to treat yeast infections), abstaining from sex, and regular bathing are all helpful steps.
  • Cleanliness: Doctors advise patients to keep their genital areas clean by regular washing with nonallergenic soaps.

If you’re experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge, don’t feel alarmed. Visit an experienced gynaecologist or a fertility centre in Bangalore for detailed assistance.

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