Uber For Tow Trucks App – Functionality & amp; Features To Consider

In today’s digital world, there are mobile apps for almost everything so that people can conveniently avail of any services instantly. For instance, what if people travel on a highway and vehicles get broken down in the midst of their journey. In such a case, vehicle owners can opt for an on-demand roadside assistance app that plays an important role. With this, they can find providers within a few minutes. This informative blog will let you know the features & functionality of an Uber for Tow Truck app.

Functionality Of The Uber For Tow Truck App

The inclusion of the features can determine the functionality of the Uber for Tow Truck. Let’s have a look at the functionality briefly.

  • The vehicle owners have to sign up or register with the app using the necessary information. It includes email addresses and phone numbers. Alternative to this way, they can proceed by logging in to the app using social media credentials.
  • After completing the initial setup, it is necessary to give the location access so that the app will fetch the location automatically. Or else, they have to specify the location manually.
  • When needed for a service, users can raise the requests by filling up the required details in the necessary fields.
  • The tow truck drivers will receive the requests. Upon acceptance, they will reach out to the specified location where the vehicle has been stuck.
  • At the same time, users can track the status of their bookings and check the tow truck movement in real-time.
  • Once the service is rendered, the users would choose to make payment transactions, either preferring Cash-On-Delivery or digitally.
  • At last, the app users can leave their feedback regarding the services availed alongside the tow truck drivers.

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Important Features Of The Uber For Tow Trucks App

A set of features included should be relevant to the functionality. Ensure that the features are user-friendly, which will be known upon analyzing the current market trends. Here is a list of the important features that should be considered.


  • Instant Registration
  • Book Now/Schedule
  • Search Filter
  • Track Tow Truck Driver
  • Rate & Review
  • In-app Payment


Aside from the general features, the incorporation of advanced & innovative features in the on-demand roadside assistance app gives beneficiary. This will make your app distinctive from your rivalries and get attention from wider users.

To conclude,

In this blog, we have covered the features and functionality of the Uber for Tow Trucks app. If you are interested in developing your on-demand roadside assistance app, consider relevant features, defining the functionality.

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