Top Things To Do In Charleston You Should Try

Charleston is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, and the best things to do here are plentiful. There are several museums in Charleston to visit that detail the city’s rich history and culture – not all of which is positive. Rather than the skyscrapers that dominate most US city skylines, church spires dominate Charleston’s attractive skyline. 

The city attracts a diverse mix of history buffs, partygoers, families, and fishing enthusiasts thanks to its abundance of museums, bars, historic structures, and a lovely harbor. Charleston is a well-preserved Southern belle, with its aristocratic homes surrounded by lush foliage and atmospheric brick streets, personifying the romantic notion of the Old South. 

Charleston was described as the wealthiest town in the American South in 1773. And it retains the ambiance of plantation society perhaps better than any other. From adventure sports to exploring the county park and shopping. The city has got something for everyone. So, get packed, book jetblue airways reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. Read on & know about some of the top top tourist attractions in charleston while touring this region are:

Charleston Harbor 

You might even see a dolphin or two, or even a family of river otters, if you’re lucky. If you plan on staying here, the nearby marina has a number of resorts. Charter fishing and yacht tours, spa retreats, helicopter rides, and museum tours are all available at Charleston Harbor. Take one of the local ghost walk tours to add a touch of the spooky to your trip. Alternatively, start your day by watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Festival of Houses and Gardens 

The Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens, organized by the Historic Charleston Foundation, includes tours and educational programs geared specifically toward architectural and gardening enthusiasts.  

Calhoun Mansion 

The 1876 Italianate Calhoun Mansion, which dates from a different era than the Historic Charleston Foundation’s antebellum homes, is a prime example of Gilded Age décor and taste. Some of the hotel’s 30 main rooms are adorned with Tiffany glass, and they are brimming with outstanding collections of late-nineteenth-century decorative arts (some might say overflowing, but that was the taste of the time).

The Baptist and Historic Churches

Charleston is home to numerous historic churches, each with its own story to tell. The brownstone Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, a neo-Gothic structure built to replace the previous cathedral, which was destroyed in the devastating 1861 fire that destroyed much of the city, is one of the city’s most interesting structures. The three original altars are made of white marble, and the pews are carved from Flemish oak. 

Old Slave Mart Museum

The Old Slave Mart Museum is located in the heart of the French Quarter, near the French Huguenot Church. And is housed in the building where slaves were auctioned prior to the Civil War. The tour is self-guided and includes historical signage, personal accounts of slaves, artifacts, and audio and visual exhibits. It’s a small but powerful museum that offers a sobering perspective on history. 

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall, one of America’s oldest working plantations, is best known for its three-quarter-mile Avenue of Oaks, which is moss-draped, and for preserving original slave cabins. The trees that frame the approach to Boone Hall were planted in 1743 by the son of the original owner, Major John Boone. Crops have been grown here for over three centuries, and the Boone Hall Farms Market sells fruits, berries, and vegetables.

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Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall is the country’s oldest unrestored plantation house still open to the public. Drayton Hall offers guided house tours in the same way that other local plantations do, but the house itself (its walls, floors, and fireplaces) is virtually undisturbed, providing a rare glimpse into the past. Its sumptuous interiors have been preserved, with ornate details and original 18th-century craftsmanship. Drayton Hall Plantation, which dates from 1738, was one of the few to survive the Civil War intact. 

South Carolina Aquarium 

The South Carolina Aquarium is one of the most popular family attractions in Charleston. It is not only home to underwater creatures, despite its name. In every kid’s favorite Charleston attraction, birds, land-dwelling mammals, plants, and reptiles join the sea creatures.


A stroll or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the Historic District, with its veranda-fronted mansions and slender church towers, reveals why Gone with the Wind’s heroine preferred to live in Charleston. A carriage ride is one of the most romantic things to do in Charleston, especially at night. So, impressed huh? Book a trip with AirlinesMap to USA and have an amazing and wonderful holidays ever!

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