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The education industry has seen a massive upheaval in the previous few decades. Learning has been much more accessible as a result of the introduction of apps, making it much more enjoyable for students of all ages. Educational apps are being used to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, as well as between children and teachers. Childhood is a crucial period for learning. And, as youngsters become increasingly intelligent, there is a pressing need to provide new, advanced learning tools and approaches. Let’s have a look at the best educational app for kids in this article.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is so certain of the link between play and child development that they urge that clinicians write a “prescription for play” at well-child visits for children under the age of two! 1

As parents, we want to watch our children learn via play, and the greatest toddler apps blend easy, interactive play with subtle educational possibilities. Because toddlers are fickle, the best applications are inexpensive (in case your child becomes bored), and because toddlers are still developing fine motor skills, these apps should be designed with little hands in mind.

PBS Kids

Who doesn’t enjoy PBS programming? From Sesame Street to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, it’s been a staple in children’s programming for decades, and it’s still going strong today. Your kids may play games and view videos based on today’s most popular PBS shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Cat in the Hat with the free PBS Kids Video and PBS Kids Games apps. The PBS Kids applications, which are suitable for children as young as two years old, provide something for everyone, teaching early science and arithmetic concepts through engaging and full-color games.

ABC Mouse

ABCmouse, a subscription-based educational software, receives our selection for the best overall app for toddlers. Despite the fact that it isn’t free, it is a fantastic educational tool for youngsters. It all starts in a virtual classroom, where your children can choose from a variety of exciting excursions. There are a variety of reading, math, colouring, counting, and music lessons to select from. ABCmouse allows you to input your child’s age in the settings, allowing it to generate a tailored experience for children ranging in age from two to eight!

Do you have a sizable family? For the same monthly charge, you can add up to three siblings to your subscription. It’s simple to swap between users, allowing all of your children to participate in the learning process. As your child joins school and goes through the grades, the content becomes more complex.

Toca Boca

The Toca Boca app store has become one of the most popular in the world. Toca brings a variety of tasks to life, including cooking, caring for pets and sick patients, hairstyling, and even chemistry, through entertaining, engaging apps full of vibrant colours and amazing noises. Try a simple app like hairstyling (kids can’t get enough of the hair drier) or a role-playing app like Toca Doctor (more on this one below). With the Toca Life apps, your children may design and build their own city as they get older.

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Busy Shapes 2

Unfortunately, you can’t expect your toddler’s favourite app to perform the same way while you’re not connected to the internet. That’s why, before boarding a plane with your toddler, you should download certain apps that work in aeroplane mode. Busy Shapes 2 is our top selection for the greatest aircraft app for toddlers!

Even in aeroplane mode, this new version of one of the most popular toddler applications is totally functional. Your child will learn shapes by dragging and dropping shapes into holes that match. The activity is enhanced by spectacular images and soothing background music that your children will enjoy. The shapes are fashioned of real-life objects like fruit, which helps your children identify forms with things they see every day.

Balloon Pop

This free software is part of the App Family family of apps. They’re fun for people of all ages and are available on the Android platform. For older children, the puzzles are an excellent alternative. Toddlers will be fascinated to the game in which they can pop balloons as they ascend from the bottom to the top of the screen. It’s easy enough for even the youngest players to understand, and it’s also completely configurable. Change the size and pace of the balloons to make the game easier for beginners and more difficult as your youngster gains experience.


For Android users, App is a handy and dependable tool. When you use this app, you can access a variety of unusual and appealing titles, including some that are restricted to specific nations, as well as read international comics.

While there are a variety of ways to obtain restricted games, the most of them are risky. Meanwhile, the programme not only allows users to download forbidden games, but it is also extremely safe for their devices and personal information. In addition, the app will keep you up to date on the newest game news as well as upcoming games. Currently, the programme includes a box of player rating systems that suggests the most popular games.

QooApp allows quick unlocking and downloading of locked games services from Japan, South Korea, and China. You only need to download this app on your device to be able to download any game you want at any time. Geographical boundaries, national boundaries.

App is regarded a more secure method for accessing limited games as compared to other applications. At the same time, the app always has the most up-to-date and popular games in the world. In addition, the QooApp application allows users to engage in, evaluate, and comment on the platform’s games.

Furthermore, QooApp presently supports users in 11 other languages, including English, so you won’t have to worry about the app’s language.

Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes is a self-directed, hands-on learning app based on the Montessori approach. As a result, it’s ideal for young children who are just beginning to connect with technology—not it’s rote learning. The software is intended to help young children develop their logic and reasoning skills by teaching them how things interact with one another and how to manage them.

It’s easy to play Busy Shapes. Kids drag an object into a hole, which they must match the form of with the corresponding hole, and then another object and hole will appear in a new setting.


We looked at dozens of editorial evaluations from parenting and tech periodicals, as well as reviews from non-profit organisations including Common Sense Media, the National Educational Association, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

We wanted to present app recommendations for kids aged two to eighteen in this category, as well as highlight a few special categories that have lately become essential in the field of education, such as social-emotional development and coding. We also tried out several of the apps to familiarise ourselves with their functionality.

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