The Unusual & beautiful Siamese Cat: Learn More

Are you planning to bring a Siamese cat to your house? Well, this is an excellent choice as these are one of the breeds with a very distinct appearance and sleek look. Even when there are many Siamese cats who have a silver and gray appearance and include blue eyes, these are one of those cute little kittens that are also available in a range of other colors like cream, brown, orange and blue. Apart from this, there are a lot more to these Siamese cats.

One of them is like can you believe that Siamese cats are the oldest breeds in the world? Yes! There are many as such that will keep you on your toes. But before you bring a Siamese cat to your home, there is a need for you to know in detail about them.

1. Color of coats: 

As we have already mentioned above, the Siamese cat breeds have a huge range of colors. The color is determined by the set of genes, and their patterns are determined through the modifier genes, As this particular breed comes with the modifier gene which has the pigment to develop the fur, which results in albinism, However, thanks to science that this gene for albinism has its effect only in the fur.

When the body temperature of the siamese cats comes below 100 degrees, or it remains in the cold temperature, the here which is associated with its coat color will turn back and have the fur pigment. Since they have the temperature cooler on their paws, nose, ears, and tail, you will find most of the pigment of Siamese cats accumulates in these areas. They tend to develop their color after a week of being born.

2. It is an old Breed: 

Even though there is no accurate date or time known about when the Siamese cats were first born, it has been believed that they first originated in Thailand. It was mostly around the 14th century when their appearance could be found on the Thai manuscript. This is what makes them the ancient breeds available in the world.

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3. Some of the most common traits: 

For long, this breed was among the ones that had crossed eyes with linked tails. Even when the trials were a result of genetic factors, there are some legends that offer an alternative explanation for the interesting appearance of the Siamese cats. As per one of the legends, one of these groups was given the task of guarding the royal golden goblet. While performing the duties, the cats started staring with such intensity that it resulted in crossing their eyes, Also because they wrapped with such intensity around the goblet, it eventually resulted in bending the tails permanently. Even now, you will find Siamese cats that have crooked tails and crossed eyes; however, they are not common. This was said to be undesirable by the fanciers, and thus it has can be bred out precisely.

4. They need royal treatment: 

In ancient times, Siamese cats were once a treasure of the royal families. This is because most of the royal families in Thailand were in love with their unusual, beautiful, and distinctive appearance. The true fact is that the members of these families have always believed that the Siamese cats would get the soul of the person after their death. After that, the cats will spend their life in temples and will be pampered by priests and monks.

5. They are the movie stars: 

Even when they are old, they are a great choice. The Siamese cats are one of those breeds that have been featured in some of the most successful movies. You definitely have checked the beauties of the breeds in these movies and certainly have fallen in love with their usual beauty.

6. They are very talkative: 

If you don’t have a Siamese cat, you are not yet accustomed to their nature. They are one of the most talkative breeds that will keep you entertained. They will try to convey everything that they feel and make sure that they are being heard. Bottom Line: So these are some of the most amazing traits of Siamese cats that will make you fall in love with it. Check Mummy Cat if you want the best cat breeds in India.

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