The power of using symbolism in design

Symbolism, also referred to as semiotics, is an effective technique in human communication. It is how we communicate thoughts that are too complicated or vague for words, and it permits us to do so beyond linguistic boundaries. And symbolism is frequently used in graphic design, which is all about communicating through identifiable visuals.

Symbols are so deeply embedded in our cultural awareness that we frequently employ them without even thinking about them. They are often so ancient or esoteric that it is easy to lose track of what they imply. This provides a challenge for graphic designers: to properly employ symbols, designers must comprehend the concepts underlying the icons. Otherwise, they may unintentionally communicate messages through their work. Designviva will present an introduction of the history of popular symbols, their meanings, and current interpretations of symbolism in design to ensure that this does not happen and that you can tap into the ancient power of symbols.

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Written by Vikas Kumar

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