Taxi Booking App Development: Insights Into Features, Cost Estim

The rising demand for taxi booking apps would be the considerable reason for the entrepreneurs having an idea of entering the ride-hailing market. Are you the one who is willing to leap into this profitable sector? Go ahead with a taxi app booking development. As a keynote, it would be a significant choice to opt for a white-label taxi app solution rather than going forward with developing the app from scratch.

What Is A White-Label Taxi App Solution?

A white-label taxi app solution is a customizable one that is premade with significant features and uses an advanced tech stack. This solution would let entrepreneurs and business owners establish a taxi business in an instant. The platform connects the passengers who need to avail of ride services with drivers who are in search of the passengers.

Features In The White-Label Taxi App Solution

The white-label taxi app solution package consists of the Passenger App, Driver App, and Admin Panel. Its functionality would be in accordance with the features encompassed in these modules. Let’s now see the features.

  • Payment Options

In the technology-driven digital world, everyone chooses digital payment options despite the availability of cash payment. As the passengers are most likely to choose digital payment mode, give them options to choose the convenient ones, including UPI, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.

  • Geotracking

This feature is beneficial for both passengers and drivers. From the passengers’ perspective, they can check the geolocation of the drivers in real-time upon the acceptance of the ride requests. On the other hand, drivers can reach the pick-up point and destination point on time with the help of this feature. So, there is no worry for drivers for not being aware of locations in detail.

  • Book Now or Schedule Later

By specifying necessary details like current location and destination location, users can book a ride with a few steps. They can even schedule the ride by filling up the relevant information. The drivers assigned to these ride services would get instant notifications. Upon the acceptance of the requests, the passengers will receive confirmation.

  • Swift registration

The onboarding process is common for drivers and users. To use the taxi app, they need to finish the onboarding process by specifying relevant details. For this, they have to enter valid email addresses and contact details. For drivers, they need to submit required documents like a license for verification.

  • Rating system

After the completion of the ride, both the drivers and passengers can rate the service. This could be the most efficient one for them, in which case the one’s profile that is violating the platform guidelines will be eliminated. The passengers can check the drivers’ profiles after the ride acceptance and can see their ratings.

How Can You Benefit From On-Demand Taxi App Development?

So far, it is very much clear about the features, defining the functionality. Now, it is time to be aware of how you can benefit from on-demand taxi app development. The following are the benefits of launching a taxi booking app.

  • Increase The Customer Reach

Considerably, the taxi business is a top-notch idea to consider these days. Today’s generation mostly relies on smartphones for every need, including taxi booking. However, the global taxi industry’s net value will hit over $120.89 billion by 2027. This seems to be of immense popularity, witnessing a CAGR of 12.3% between 2020 and 2027.

The traditional taxi business owner can make use of this opportunity and launch the taxi app. Through this, they can easily reach out to a global audience. With the expansion of business, they could have a steady stream of revenue.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

There is a huge possibility to earn customer loyalty with the white-label taxi app solution. Wondered, how? This can be achieved with your offerings. For instance, you could think about introducing a loyalty program in which you can decrease the fare for the users who are making the rides frequently by giving them a promo code.

Similar to this, the review system would help to know their demands and expectations. With this analysis, you could meet the users’ needs and thereby increase the loyal customer base. Most importantly, push notification is the important feature that will let the users get updated with ride details instantly. Such feature inclusion in the app as your offerings will considerably enhance customer loyalty.

  • Monetization Opportunities

The integration of relevant monetization models gives the way to have a steady revenue flow. The following is the list of revenue streams to generate incremental revenue from taxi booking apps.

  • Commission charges
  • In-app advertising
  • Onboarding charges
  • Cancelation fees
  • Surge pricing
  • In-app purchases
  • Business Transparency

The users would not have a second thought of switching to some other taxi apps when you maintain effective communication with them. However, the addition of a feature like real-time chat plays a predominant role. With this, the passengers, as well as the drivers, will be able to communicate with the support team immediately and get their queries resolved.

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Moreover, the fare estimation is one such impressive feature as the passengers would be able to know the fare beforehand. You could give such offerings when you own traditional taxi business. This is made possible with the app, paving the way to increase the reliability among your target audiences.

  • Future Enhancements

The analytics in the admin panel will facilitate the platform owner to know the app’s activity, gather customer data, and how they interact with the app, alongside knowing their preferences. Such things will lead the way for enhancements in the white-label taxi app solution and release its upgraded version for business improvements.

How To Determine The Cost Of A Taxi Booking App?

The cost estimation of taxi booking app development is not possible without knowing the business requirements. To simply say, it is based on several factors, including the following.

  • The inclusion of relevant features
  • UI/UX design of the app
  • Choice of a tech stack
  • A region where the app development company is
  • Integration of services, etc.


So, the exact cost of on-demand taxi app development can be known by approaching the company and getting a quote.

Wrapping Up

The point is the increasing demand for taxi apps leads to the emergence of new such apps in the market. Therefore, one can leverage the present situation and proceed with a taxi booking app development. To quickly enter this sector, the option of choosing the white-label taxi app solution could be the best. To get started with this, approach the taxi clone app development company and materialize your app idea.

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