Should You Be Using Instagram Monitoring App For Parents

Let’s just dive into the past and tell me what did you hate the most in your childhood. Well ask me and my mother was always calling or texting me when I was out. Whether it was school, a part-time job, a birthday party, or anything. She had this habit of becoming worried sick and then trying to calm herself down by constantly being with me on the phone. I am not saying it was entirely her fault as she grew up in a black neighborhood in a tough situation.

So it was natural for her to try to protect me in whatever way she needed. But at that time just like any other teenager, I was not able to grasp the whole situation. So most of the time we were arguing over little matters and she always ended with the line that when you will become a mother then you will realize my position. I always thought that I will never become a worried mother but later on when it was time I guess I was more irritating.

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