Shoe Production Setup And Its Related Problems


Nowadays production of anything is not easy, because everything takes too much effort and accuracy. The same thing applies to shoe manufacturing as well. Because now the world and its demand are moving too fast. So, for running with the pace you need to have the proper planning and control on things.

The production setup movement is not easy, everything must need to be in proper form. Otherwise, business and the production setup will give you a big challenge which is too costly and can convert in loss.

1. Making different sources of production material

The main stage of any production is the stage of material sourcing. If the material is good, it has big chances to get the best product ultimately. If the material selection is not good, it has less chances of good production.

2. Checking and shortlisting of material suppliers

The supplier shortlisting and filtering is the key for the regular chain flow. Because each bad supplier creates issues and becomes a big failure for the production planning. The more you select the good supplier the more you have less trouble in the processing. That’s why this process is not so simple for the production matter.

3. Fixing of deal with the vendors

The making of the deal between the vendor and the company is the main thing. Too much time and no deal with the vendor mostly become useless for the production planning. That’s why you need to have the proper and quick time dealing to ensure a smooth workflow.

4. Machinery buying and setting up

The machinery buying of the shoe manufacturing unit is not a simple thing. Because so many machines in the market need to select the best version for you. The wrong selection and the buying for the machinery is always dangerous. Must need to focus on the setting of the machines as well.

5. Location selection and it’s setting up

The location for the machinery setup is the main issue. Because place and the working environment matter a lot for the machine setup. That’s why compromise on the location without checking the heat and cooling circulation is always dangerous.

6. Dealing with internal issues

The internal issues lead to the staffing and the local departments issues. In which many people become a burden for the plant. First, they provide less effort and after it they work for the negative output. So, dealing with them and the filter system from them is another big challenge.

7. Setting up warehouses for the storages

The storage matters a lot for any kind of production setup. Without the warehouses and the storage setup no production setup is possible. Because production of anything must need big places for different kinds of material placement.

8. Smart and quick work places

For the production setup it must address the smart and quick work process setting. This will help to manage the fast flow of the work, furthering the wrong planning and nonrealistic planning is always dangerous. The ignorance of the workflow in advance can impact on the main production very badly.

9. Production related tools and accessories settings

Must arrange all the tools and the accessories with proper settings for the labor. Otherwise you need to bear heavy loss for the production, investment and the time. As all things matter a lot for production that’s why you need to take each and every step with smart calculation.

10. Getting approval from domestic departments

The local government and legal departments dealing with the production plan. As you need to clear so many things and need to make things according to their guidelines. That needs too much effort and investment, this is the big challenging thing for the setting of a plant.

11. Labor and their issue

The labor is the main and uncontrollable issue for any production. Because of their rights, pay per hour and the medical issues. Many authorities do focus on each and every step of the labor treatment. Furthermore, the strikes and the shortage of labor is also a big matter for the production.

12. Material arriving setting and scanning

The material quality control is the main thing. Because if the wrong material gets entered in the production cycle it will create disaster for the plant. As this will hurt all the other material, labor and the other overhead. That’s why proper quality checking on the arrival of the material is the key.

13. Different issues related to waxing, oiling and gluing

The over usage of anything is the main issue, because it happens mostly in the production. Don’t ignore the fixing of usage of any material as it affects the output quality. The human factor on these issues is the main thing, the compromise on those issues means production quality compromise.

14. Metallic work and pasting of things on shoes

The metallic things are mostly used on the shoe which enhance the look and the power. The wrong and excess usage by humans can also become a big cause of the production failure. Smart controlling and working on all the stages are the key for everything.

15. Excess use of cement on shoes

The excess usage of the shoe cement is a big issue because it increases the weight of the shoe.  Furthermore, the cause of design disordering is caused by the over usage of cement. So, the proper look after and checking is the mandatory thing for this.

16. Wrong shape usage and no proper brand logo

The wrong shape usage of material and no branded look is the big failure of the production. Further no same logo for every unit is the main machine setting issue which reduces its quality as well. The wrong cutting of shapes and wrong size cutting also cause material and effort loss.

17. Competitors from the other countries making things hard


The shoe requirement for the different kinds of sports is increasing, because of the safety, look and comfort. All over the world are now fighting with each other to produce the best sports shoes. The sports shoes factory in china created big trouble for the other manufacturer, because of cost and quality.

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