Recliners are not just about luxury

Gone are the days when recliner chairs, sofa recliners, loungers were only associated with luxury and status quo. Factors like advancement in technology, changing lifestyles of people and evolving understanding of prioritising comfort over everything else contributed to bringing recliners to the mainstream furniture. Typically during the pandemic, people realised the importance of creating a comfortable space in the home and recliners emerged like never before! They not just provide you with comfort on a  physical level, but also ensure wellness in the longer run. Let’s discuss a few benefits right here-



Relaxing on a recliner is the best way to load off your stress after a long hard day at work! It offers you comfort, support and warmth that your mind looks for at the end of the day. As the body reclines, the spine sets in a rested position, the legs elevate and the whole body weight gets evenly distributed, thus putting the user in a state of relaxation and complete rejuvenation.


If your job demands standing or sitting for longer durations, it results in the rushing of blood downwards to the legs and feet, thus causing inflammation. Relaxing in a reclining position for some time (typically by elevating feet above your heart level), the blood circulation improves naturally.


No matter what work we do, our back plays an important role in keeping us going throughout the day. It is the back only that experiences the most fatigue and stress due to our sedentary lifestyles and lack of support for it. However, a quality recliner can offer excellent lumbar support, with the ability to reduce back pain with regular use.


Standing and sitting down frequently becomes easier if you have recliners to your rescue! By simply pressing a button, the recliner rises using its power lift technology, making the individual more independent and significantly reducing the chances of falling. This feature is typically useful for the disabled, elderly and even pregnant women.


However, not all recliners are worth your hard earned money. It is imperative to make this purchase from an authentic brand that guarantees quality, offers warranty and customises recliners as per customer needs. One such brand is Little Nap Recliners, which offers made in India, premium quality recliners with unmatched perfection, unique designs, a plethora of useful accessories and different styles. So the next time you think of searching for sofa recliners, sofa recliner price in India or single seater recliners, straight visit and solve your queries by interacting with the customer care executive.

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