Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Hair Salons

Salon scheduling software has a crucial role in any salon business. To manage customers, track the performance of staff, maintain accounts, and increase business productivity, a perfect salon appointment scheduling platform is very essential.

Around 67% of salon bookings are done through scheduling software. This clearly shows that customers are getting used to salon booking software. If your salon business is still running with pen and paper techniques, then it is high to go for automation.

There are several hair salon platforms available in the market and you may get confused in selecting the best one for your business. This article will help you to find out the unique salon scheduling software that will leverage your salon business.

All you need is to check their features that will determine the success of the platform. We will let you know the essential and must-have features of salon appointment booking software.

A compelling booking page

The salon booking software should have a dedicated booking page that will facilitate customers to book their appointment and check the availability of the stylist they prefer to have. This page should be more user-friendly and device responsive. As we all know that 87% of customers use their smartphones for booking appointments. So, the booking page should be device-compatible.

Two-way calendar sync

The online scheduling software for salons should have a Calendar synchronized with real-time. Once the booking is confirmed that date and time should be frozen and should be notified to both parties i.e., the salon owner and the customer. There should not be any confusion about having two appointments at the same time. This will boost your business’s credibility. So, make sure your salon booking software has a well-synchronized calendar.

Automated notifications and reminders

There are many possibilities for customers and stylists to forget about their appointments and this will highly affect the salon business. To avoid this, the salon booking software should have an automated notification system that will send notifications to customers and stylists. On the day of the appointment, periodic reminders should be sent. This will make them not miss their appointments.

Appointment canceling and rescheduling

A flexible salon scheduling platform will let customers and the salon owner cancel and reschedule the appointment whenever needed. This process should be easy for both parties. The intuitive user interface should provide a simple and easy procedure to cancel or postpone an appointment without affecting other appointments. This will simplify the salon business operation.

Team scheduling

The hair salon software should maintain the stylist list and should schedule their appointments properly. We should not give more appointments to a particular stylist and make others sit idle without any work. If the customer is not particular about the stylist, then the salon booking software should organize a stylist to take up the appointment. Uniform work allotment should be offered to all stylists only then they can earn well.

Online training

Every business needs to offer training programs to their employees. Many trendy services are coming into the market and every salon stylist should be aware of them. For this, the salon owner needs to provide relevant training. With an effective salon booking platform, you can arrange online meetings without making them physically available in the meeting room. This can save your time and can increase your business productivity.

Easy integration with other software

To run a business efficiently you may need to use several platforms that will simplify your business operations. The salon booking software should offer easy ways to integrate your existing business software. You should be able to synchronize all data into a single platform and can use them for future analysis. This is one of the major features that any hair salon software should possess without fail.

Payment options

The easy payment transaction is the key aspect of using salon appointment booking software. The platform should support multiple payment options that will facilitate customers to pay online at their convenience. Check whether the salon appointment software has familiar and secured payment gateways are integrated. This will make customers feel comfortable doing payment transactions with your platform.

Automated reporting

Appointment scheduling software should offer various automated reporting that will give a detailed overview of the business performance. This will help salon owners to analyze how well they are performing and what necessary changes to be made to enhance their salon business. Through analytical reporting features, salon owners can know about the sale number, fast-moving products and can get many more details.

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Offers and discounts

This is the most required feature in any salon booking software. Customers always seek some loyalty program that will benefit them. It is very important to retain your customers and for that, you need to offer better discounts and other referral programs that will support customers to gain monetary benefits by booking through your appointment scheduling software. Your platform should manage all deals and should boost your business by increasing the customer database.

Excellent customer service

Customers will always need to chat with the stylist before they visit your salon. Once they book an appointment with your salon through your salon booking software, the platform should have multiple communication channels that will support customers to chat with the team easily. They can either come through live chat or through SMS or through emails or by phone. Your platform should support all communication modes, and this will avoid unnecessary confusion at the time of delivering services.

Social media sharing

The salon booking software should compulsorily have this feature as all customers are active in any of the social media platforms. It is good to allow your customers to share their feedback through social media channels that will help them get opinions from their friends. This will also give better visibility and greater reach for your salon software and increase your platform traffic.

Reasonable price

Always go for affordable pricing as there are many ready-to-use salon booking software available in the market. Compare prices with other platforms and check whether the appointment scheduling software is worth its price. Once you are comfortable with features and pricing, you can purchase the best salon appointment software.


An ideal salon appointment scheduling software will be customizable, scalable, and affordable. You must keep in mind these aspects while selecting your salon booking software. Always offer a better user experience to your customers and make them stay with your business for a long time.

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