How to make money with Amazon?

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Earning with affiliations is one of the most important tools for monetizing your articles and sites and Amazon is one of the programs that can give you more satisfaction. Let’s see how.

Some time ago I wrote an article on how to save on Amazon and among the ways I reported joining the Amazon affiliate program.

Last week I looked at my affiliate program stats and found that I sold a couple of toys via my site for $ 12, probably originating from that article.

This is not an exorbitant figure at all, but these sales have opened my eyes to a profitable and interesting affiliate program that until now I had ignored, the Amazon Affiliate Program that allows you to earn potentially important figures.

How to join the Amazon affiliate program?

To sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, just go to the Amazon website at the affiliate page and click on Sign up now.

Once registered, you have an affiliate code and the entire Amazon catalog, as well as a large set of tools, banners, and links to insert on your site and with which to earn in the event of a sale generated.

The percentage of remuneration varies according to the product category as follows and can be as high as 12%.

Product category

Consumer Electronics, PC, Office Products,

Kitchen, Personal Care Devices


Footwear, Sports, Watches, Home

Products AmazonBuyVIP

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All other productsFixed advertising fees






How to monetize your site?

Monetization is very simple and can happen:

  • by posting links to products or product categories in their articles;
  • displaying banners.

The best and most effective way is to write reviews to certain products, positioning them well on the engines, and then entice their users to buy and therefore generate  insurance sales.

Everyone will be able to verify and experiment with new ways of selling, but the identification of products, which manage to generate good sales and for which you have skills and can tell your experience, should be the main criteria for monetization. Of course, you can choose niches if you want to have a better chance of being able to get good results in search engines for our reviews.

How Much Can You Earn?

Potentially, the earnings can be very interesting, also because purchases through Amazon are always growing, even in our country.

It should be noted that payments are made by bank transfer or Amazon voucher upon reaching Euro 25.00.

So, time permitting, I think I’ll start doing some experiments to see if I can earn a few dollars with this affiliate program too, and be able to build a revenue stream and earnings thanks to the Internet. Have you already tried this affiliate program?

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