How To Know Which Is Best Aquaguard RO Service Centre In Delhi?

Pure, clean, and safe drinking water is nowadays getting limited due to the increasing population, industrial development, and environmental degradation. The waters from the nearby water bodies are not at all safe to drink as they are contaminated. Contaminated water causes many water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, etc. Thus, we need to assure that the water we are drinking is safe and hygienic, containing all the essential minerals required for our body. To ensure this, a lot of water purifiers have been launched in the market, which provides that the drinking water is of good quality.

A lot of minerals are generally found in water and are essential for the human body, but consuming an excess of it can cause diseases. Thus water purifiers remove all the excess salts, suspended particles, and microbes thus retaining only the necessary salts and minerals. A lot of water purifiers have been launched in the market. Therefore it is difficult to know which water purifier is better, which isn’t to meet our necessities. Also, we can say that due to the increasing demand for RO there are many RO Service Center In Delhi.

Some of the things to be suggested regarding Aquaguard water purifiers are mentioned:

● It guarantees 100% purity.

● Based on Aquaguard’s patented Mineral RO technology which has multiple purifications of RO+UV+UF controllers, Aquaguard RO purifiers remove dissolved impurities along with the bacteria, viruses from the drinking water.

Aquaguard is providing you with different types of water purifiers

● UV water purifiers

These unique UV purifiers utilize the ultraviolet radiation of the sun to disinfect the water from the tap or from the municipal waters and then store it in a tank.

● Gravity water purifiers

It is an eco-friendly way to disinfect water from contamination. AQUAGUARD gravity water purifiers are designed to remove dissolved bacteria, viruses, and cysts. This non-electric water purifier is equipped with a start-of-art hollow UF membrane to remove the chemicals, taste, and odor of drinking water.

● Water softeners

Aquaguard water softeners are designed to remove the hardness of water by removing the salts of calcium and magnesium with sodium salts. Soft water helps in growing healthy skin and water.

A New Purification System by Aquaguard

Now AQUAGUARD is going to launch a more superior and expert technology to purify drinking water. It is a Multi-purification system. The new features include:

1. Digital Display of Performance

AQUAGUARD’S NEXT-GEN RO water purifiers come with unique features that will display the essential features like:

● Content of mineral

● RO flow rate

● Filter life

● Failure parameters.

2. UV-LED disinfection in storage tanks

Stored water gets disinfected with bacteria and viruses. To minimize this new RO, technology has come with UV-LED light in the storage tank. The UV-LED light ensures the water to remains purified from any germs and bacteria.

3. Highest pure water production Rate

Another unique feature that AQUAGUARD has brought in is the production rate of the water purifiers. This new technology has a production rate of 20l/hr. No other water purifiers can give such assurance to provide this high flow rate of distilled water.

4. Highest pure water recovery

This new RO technology helps in recovering more amount of water. The wastewater is stored in another tank for use in other activities like washing and mopping.

5. Extended Free Service

Service is one of the most important requirements to the clients as without any service guarantee no one takes the risk of buying it. The Aquaguard service center guarantees a 1-year warranty and 3 years of free service. You can contact your nearest Aquaguard service center Delhi to avail of the service.

Utilize Waste Water

While using RO water purifiers, you also have the scope to utilize the wastewaters in the following ways:

● Usage of water reject tank

The small amount of water that is being dismissed from the water purifiers can be stored in a water reject tank. You can buy an RO water reject tank, which is an optional purchase with the RO water purifier. This wastewater can be stored which can be utilized for other household purposes.

● Use reject water for cleaning utensils

This is an effective way to use wastewater. Store this water in a separate tank and rinse the utensils with this water before scrubbing.

● Use reject waters for mopping

Wastewater can be used on mopping floors. Mopping acquires around 10 liters of freshwater. As this rejected water is clean except for the dissolved impurities, thus it can be used in mopping the floors without wasting clean water.

● Use reject waters for cleaning cars and air conditioners

Approximately 10 buckets of water are required to clean a vehicle. Thus, store this wastewater in a separate tank and utilize them in washing your cars. Also, this wastewater can be used in water-based air conditioners during summers.

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Thus you can see that Aquaguard Customer Care Delhi provides you with all the facilities and guarantees regarding the water purifier.

You can also check all the water purifier problems under one roof. You can get the best RO Service In Delhi by just giving only one call. We are giving the best service all over Delhi and you can get the service to all types of water purifiers. All these water purifiers are giving the best performance after giving the service to the water purifiers. When you will give the water purifier to our service center our experts will show it very deeply and get it serviced well.

Now let you know which types of water purifiers are best for our health. There are much variety of water purifiers in the market and all the varieties will be according to your water TDS. First, you will check the water TDS and then go to the market the choose the water purifier. If you are looking for the best water purifier in the city you can go to the Aquaguard Service centre Delhi. These are the brief description of the water purifier and the service of the water purifier. At last, it is based on you which is the best water purifier.

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