How to Become a Cyber Cop?

First, we ask, why is it needed to become a cyber-cop? And what about work, Cyber Cop?

Along with the trend of online scramming, is the heightened risk of cyber-attacks also becoming the new normal? Do you know how online ease increases cyber security risks and how to prevent them?

For reasons known to all, the year 2020 has left its mark on history. This is the year that confined people to their homes, mandatorily wearing masks and depending on the internet. Let’s not forget to use the popularity of the Internet to get ourselves all stuck in any online fraud. 

As we all know, today’s generation is fully dependent on the internet. Our daily life depends upon the internet for things like online transactions, online movie ticket booking, online shopping, etc.

We all love ease and facility, but in online life we are stuck in online crimes. We don’t know how, but some hackers and criminals are very smart in this technology era. They understood the needs and mistakes of the users, and they hacked people’s information.

Steps to Become a Cyber Cop Investigator

To become a cyber-cop investigator, you must have a mix of education and experience. This education and experience, or a mix of the two, should be in cyber security as well as investigations.

Bachelor’s Degree

As previously indicated, admittance to a special agent training school requires a bachelor’s degree. While no specific major is necessary, students may be interested in areas such as criminal justice, computer science, or cyber security. Students in high school and college should learn as many computer skills as needed. Foreign language studies in high school and college are also beneficial since the internet is transnational and investigations may take place anywhere in the globe.

Professional Certification 

While no industry-wide professional certification is necessary for a job as a “Become Cyber Cop” investigator, two certificates stand out as desired qualifications. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential proves that a candidate understands security architecture, engineering, and management. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) also displays a thorough understanding of cyber-attacks and mitigation measures.


The knowledge base necessary to be a competent cyber cop investigator is cross-functional in many ways. This is a job best suited for an experienced cyber security or criminal investigations specialist. Even if a candidate graduates from college with one of the aforementioned bachelor’s degrees, he or she is unlikely to have the necessary expertise in both cyber security and investigations. Experience in the field will help you to supplement your cyber security abilities with a good understanding of investigative concepts and methods, or vice versa.

Special Cyber Cop Agent Training

Anuraag Singh is the best at digital forensics investigations and cyber awareness training. He is the founder and CEO of SysTools, a Delhi-based IT company. He resides in New Delhi, but his cyber knowledge is known all over the globe. He is enthusiastic about technology and its potential to make a positive difference in people’s lives. They created and produced items that made life easier and more fun.


He has established his own cyber empowerment programme that includes all parts of information technology as well as hands-on experience. Students from the majority of government schools and colleges, as well as a few private schools and universities, were fortunate to be a part of this programme.

What does a Cyber Cop do?

The majority of Become Cyber Cop investigators work for law enforcement agencies, consultancy businesses, or corporate and financial enterprises. In certain situations, white-hat hackers may be recruited as full-time or freelance cybercrime detectives. While typically delivering penetration testing (pen testing) services, the investigator’s objective in this capacity is to assess the defenses of a given network or digital system. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities or other security flaws that might be exploited by actual attackers.

When investigators collect digital evidence, it must be documented and catalogued. The evidence is also utilized to develop reports and is presented in court. All of these are possible roles for a cybercrime investigator.

Responsibilities on the Job

While a detective or law enforcement investigator may examine a variety of crimes, a cybercrime investigator focuses only on cyber, or internet-based, crimes.

A Cyber Cop investigator examines a wide variety of offences, from restoring file systems on hacked or destroyed computers to investigating crimes against minors. Furthermore, cybercrime detectives retrieve data from computers that may be utilized in criminal prosecution.

After gathering the appropriate electronic evidence, cybercrime investigators create reports that will be utilized in court. Cybercrime detectives are also required to testify in court.

  1. Analyzing computer systems and networks in the aftermath of a crime
  2. Recovering data that has been lost or damaged
  3. Obtaining evidence
  4. Compiling computer and network data.
  5. Rebuilding cyber attacks
  6. Working in a multijurisdictional or cross-jurisdictional setting
  7. Creating expert reports on extremely technical issues
  8. Giving testimony in court
  9. Law enforcement officers are being trained on cyber-related matters.
  10. Expert evidence, affidavits, and reports are all written by me.
  11. Clients, supervisors, and managers are all consulted.
  12. Through study and training, I am constantly honing my investigative and cyber security abilities.
  13. Recovering password-protected or encrypted files and information that has been buried.
  14. Detecting security issues in software programmers, networks, and endpoints
  15. Identify and suggest techniques for evidence preservation and presentation.
  16. The capacity to cooperate and collaborate effectively as part of a team.

Cyber-Cops: A New Generation

To combat these assaults, the world will need the world’s greatest and brightest computer hackers and programmers to assist in the battle. While it may not be as glamorous or seductive as being a secret spy, the demand is evident and rising. While it does not include rescuing the damsel in distress from the flames, it is nevertheless heroic. Rather than attempting to extricate her from the “fire,” you may be able to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Consider the influence you can have on a single victim of identity theft. Now consider averting a mass-casualty assault. What effect would that have? The good news is that a growing number of students are becoming involved in the battle as more initiatives are developed to educate kids about cyber-security.

Cyber-security is not frequently included in the curriculum of today’s school systems. However, the rewards for the dedicated students around the nation who are taking on this mammoth effort are immeasurable! Cyber-security careers are among the best paid and most in-demand in the technology sector!

An amazing degree of technical expertise and know- how is required to be the kind of person capable of resolving cybercrime.

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