Dark Web Alternatives to Onionplay

Onionplay used to be the biggest and best illegal streaming service on the dark web, with thousands of movies and TV shows in its vast library. But in early 2026, Onionplay was taken down in a sting operation after authorities arrested one of the site’s most prominent uploaders, who they then traced back to the site’s owners. Not long after that, all of Onionplay’s URLs were seized by authorities, causing the site to disappear entirely from the dark web. Unfortunately, this has left many consumers with no place to go besides dangerous and unreliable alternatives like Demonslayer and Hellflicks.

Background Information

The onion network is made up of Tor client software, relay nodes, and hidden services. Tor client software directs internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers that anonymizes IP addresses. The combination of Tor’s anonymizing features and hidden services provide users with online anonymity and protection against network surveillance. There are several publicly available resources for identifying if a website is running on pseudo top-level domain, including I2P domains.

Who is OnionPlay?

Just in time for Christmas, amateur video sharing site OnionPlay has emerged with over 25,000 videos uploaded in just one week. The website launched recently with a bang, advertising itself as an innovative approach to watching videos on your phone. One of their main draws is how easy it is to record and upload content—you simply press play on your phone and it automatically records whatever’s playing without you having to press any buttons. At last count, more than 1 million people visited OnionPlay per day according to Alexa rankings, making it one of 2019’s most popular websites.

How do you access onionplay content?

When you want to watch a movie or TV show on onionplay, you must use a specific web browser that allows you to access .onion content. Most popular web browsers don’t support these domains, which is why it’s difficult for people who aren’t in-the-know to gain access. Thankfully, there are free and easy alternatives that allow you to watch any media on onionplay without leaving your browser. Our team compiled a list of these great apps for both desktop and mobile users so everyone can stay informed about dark web happenings around them!

What can you watch on onionplay?

If you’re looking for a specific movie or TV show, then onionplay probably isn’t going to cut it. However, if you just want a collection of videos that don’t fit into any particular genre, onionplay can be a convenient place to browse. Most of these videos will be utterly random and definitely not safe for work—not even by usual internet standards. The user interface is pretty terrible, though it does have some basic search options. And since everything is onion-related, it can be hard to find things that aren’t 100% NSFW.

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Features on OnionPlay

Offerings like exclusive streaming access to illicit movies, pirated TV shows, and unlicensed music are sure to draw tons of people. But OnionPlay isn’t just about getting your hands on free media; you can also use it as a social platform where you can share favorite content with friends or argue about which media providers are best. One unique feature is that users can record their own voices over movie scenes (similar to Family Guy) before uploading them for others to enjoy. Another nice perk is that you can sync up with your friends and family members who use it too (whether they live in another country or state). This means you’ll always have someone else around who shares your interests—and someone whose interests you’ll want to share.

Alternatives to OnionPlay

When it comes to accessing content on the dark web, onionPlay isn’t quite cutting it. Several other platforms have been created over time that provide users with similar experiences and varying degrees of security. In fact, even some of onionPlay’s own flaws can be recreated in certain situations. Without further ado, here are a few alternative options for anyone looking for a new or safer way to enjoy their dark web experience without onionPlay getting in their way. For more information on how you can view our deep dive page on onionPlay, check out our official alternate solutions review today!

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