Challenges Students Face In Modular Distance Learning

The prime focus of learning is to enable people to know things they do not know. There are various types of learning, such as reading, writing and visuals. There is another type of learning that is modular distance learning. It is a type of learning that allows individuals to consider self-learning modules. These modules can be in the form of digital, electronic or anything that can help them in learning. Most of the time, it is your instructor who will deliver such learning materials. The aim of distance learning is to reduce financial costs.

It will help students who are unable to attend their classes on-campus. There might be several reasons for modular distance learning. Those may be because of time and distance. It also helps college administrations to overcome the shortage of physical building spaces. There are a lot of advantages of modular distance learning. But, there are several challenges too. This article aims to discuss the different challenges of modular distance learning. So, let’s discuss in detail:

Quality of Instructions:

Quality of instruction is a major challenge in modular distance learning. There is a direct relationship between learning instructions and learning. Most of the time, these instructions depend on the attitude of the instructor. According to different researches, teachers have conflicting behaviors for modular distance learning. If a teacher is teaching a distance learning course, he might be teaching more courses. But, the quality of that one course is always lower than the quality of the on-campus teaching course. So, students might have to suffer during modular distance learning.


There are two types of costs in learning. Those are true cost and cost-effectiveness. But here comes the most important question. Are these learning facilities are cost-effectiveness? According to different studies, this point is still uncertain. The idea of cost and effectiveness is not as simple as they appear. If you are using distance learning as a primary medium of learning, then it might be expensive. The college administration might not consider this aspect. So, there should be different means of learning rather than a primary module.

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Technology Usages:

Another challenge in modular distance learning is technology usage. Most of the time, students might not be aware of the latest technology. Sometimes it might be expensive that can be a burden on their finances. Apart from this, they might not be aware of using the technology in the best way possible. Students might face several problems when they do not know how to use technology. It might change their instructor’s behavior towards their learning. It is important to train students to use the latest technology. Distance learning does impact students’ learning. But, it is their instructor that will make learning interesting. He should ensure to provide the relevant materials. When he is ensuring the quality of material, students will learn more.

Problems with Equipment:

Another problem that students can face is equipment problems. Equipment and hardware problems can take place at any time. If they are causing a problem, it might affect the learning. If a problem is taking place during a class, it will impact the whole class. If such issues are happening, again and again, it will affect the whole semester. For instance, a projector can stop working during a presentation. There must be another way of delivering the information. There are possibilities a video might stop during a class. The whole learning environment will stop until it starts working normally. Technology malfunction can affect the learning experience. So, there must be alternative means of delivering the information.

Attitudes towards Distance Learning:

According to a dissertation help firm, the attitude of instructors and students is another major challenge in distance learning. An instructor can set the tone of learning in a classroom. But, it might be difficult for an instructor to set a tone when is teaching a distance learning course. There might be several things that can change his attitude. For example, there might be a malfunction of technology. An instructor may not be aware of the latest technology. An instructor should make sure to set a tone for delivering the information. He must have comprehensive skills to use technology. It will make the learning experience good for the students. He should also make sure his attitude is as serious as in the classroom. It will help the students to learn; otherwise, the learning experience might affect.

Instructor Concerns:

Instructor concerns are another major challenge in modular distance learning. One of the major concerns is their tone. Distance learning will completely change their role as a teacher. There are always mixtures of attitudes when it comes to distance learning. Apart from this, there are two major concerns of instructors too. First, they think too much reliance on distance learning will affect the learning. Second, they are always conscious of putting learning materials online. They think that course design skills and knowledge will be out of their hands. Such thinking puts the administration in a position to hire less-skilled teachers.

Students Concerns:

Students also have several concerns when it comes to distance learning. Most of the time, students are not feasible with distance learning techniques. Sometimes, they are not familiar with technology usage. They might find it difficult to understand things their instructor is delivering. They might face difficulties while accessing the relevant information. These things will make the learning experience more challenging for distance learning students.


There are various means of learning, and out of those, one is modular distance learning. It is a type of learning where students will use self-learning modules. These modules can be in the form of digital, electronic or anything that can help them in learning. There are some positive sides to these learning techniques. But, there are several challenges in distance learning. This article discussed a few of those. There might be a technology malfunction or issues in technology usage. The attitude of instructors is also one of the major challenges. This article discussed some of the major challenges in modular distance learning. It will help the readers to understand the other side of the picture.

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