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All smart speakers have a 7-inch display, but the Echo Show is the latest model we have, with a 10.1-inch display that rotates when you move around the room so that you can see everything. You get a bigger screen, an Echo range, good sound from Echo Studio, and motion features that may prove more complicated than you think. Alexa can show you a 10.1 HD screen designed to move with you, and video calls and recipes will appear in the view.

Amazon has made steady progress over the years in improving the audio performance of its Echo smart speakers, and although the Echo Show 10 doesn’t quite raise to the level of display-less speakers Echo Studio, Sonos One and Google Home Max (which we’re missing), it still sounds good for the price. The additional $120 spent on show 10 brings you more powerful audio performance, a larger screen and motion tracking which lets you move around the room. It’s also more expensive than the Amazon Echo Show 8, making it a tough sell for someone looking for a simple smart display with solid audio quality.


Designed to
move with you

Move around the room during video calls or while you’re cooking along to a recipe and the brilliant 10.1” HD screen will automatically turn to face you. You can stay focused on who you’re talking to or what you’re watching.

The Amazon Echo Show (10th, 3rd generation) is a more imposing beast than its predecessors with the screen mounted on a large barrel-shaped speaker base. A brushless motor rotates the 10.1-inch, third-generation Echo Show 10s HD display in a 350-degree arc, a feature that will grab your attention immediately, but once you take it out of the box, you’ll discover many more things to get excited about as you set about making full use of its capabilities. The Echo Show takes up a lot of space and has a circular rotation template that resembles a bib buffet and can be pushed around the body to ensure it has enough space to spin. 

Using feedback from its built-in 13-megapixel camera and far-field microphone, the device rotates its display so that it is always based on where it is facing you. Smart display allows you to interact with the voice assistant, and in addition to interfacing with voice commands, the screen also displays things such as photos, lyrics, videos and recipes to enhance the overall experience. The screen is connected to a large speaker and can be attached to a ring that allows it to rotate. 

The Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is one of the most popular smart home nodes on the market offering a camera for video calls, powerful audio and a large screen which is easy to see remotely. It is also the most expensive smart device that Amazon produces as a whole, at PS20 ($20, AU $50). However, considering that the $101 Full HD screen can be tilted and twisted to follow you around a room, and that speaker and camera performance has improved compared to previous models, the price increase seems reasonable. 

The market for smart speakers has grown rapidly since Amazon introduced the first Echo in late 2014. It is at this time only a few years old but already it is a competitor to the brand new Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) in form, equipment and functionality. Like the new Echo Show, you can use it with surveillance cameras and Nest Aware subscriptions. It has a big and vibrant screen and it even has the advantage of working with Google Photos when the duo meets up.

The screen on the device is beautiful, and both streaming video and video calls look sharp, bright and in great colors. The device can also move and follow you during the conversation, making it easy to see what is on the screen.

The coolest trick of Show 10s is its ability to follow you wherever you move. The movement is not just a gimmick, it allows you to take part in calls and watch videos without having to stand in one place.

Each of the second and third generation Echo Show 10 devices is wireless, but still needs to be plugged into a power outlet to be turned on. They have microphones and speakers, so they stay silent when you talk to them and they answer. Your screen can only point in one direction, but if you want it to point up or down, you have to move it yourself.

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