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When the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software or Practice Management (PM) System in use is not matched with their specific processes and functions, this decreases the stress that the staff and physicians have to deal with. Having the best Podiatry EMR Software, such as Sammy EHRis crucial for Podiatrists operating in a solo clinic or a major hospital to have an effective process and to provide the greatest possible quality of care to their clients.

Podiatry Specific Features

The fundamental elements that a podiatry practice will require should be based on an evaluation of the aspects and capabilities that will allow the practice to achieve its essential clinical and administrative missions.

Podiatry billing software

Podiatry EHRs frequently incorporate an integrated practice management system with billing software that automates billing activities. A billing system that can appropriately code for podiatry-related activities, handle billing and reimbursements with CMS and private insurance carriers, and handle overdue payments is critical, given the necessity of maintaining revenue streams flowing.

Podiatry note templates

With podiatry-specific note templates that cater to a wide variety of treatments, diseases, and other diagnostic features, processes in a podiatry office can be made more effective. Pre- and post-operative treatment, wound care, diabetes care, sports medicine, and pediatric podiatry are examples of clinical data.

MIPS scoring, tracking, and analysis. 

Podiatry offices should look for an EHR that allows them to record the quality of care and effectiveness information for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MBIPS) run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) (MIPS). An EHR for podiatry should be able to monitor and publish the key quality metrics under the MIPS program, allowing an organization to examine the data and develop internal strategies to enhance these measurements.

Speech recognition

Operational processes can be enhanced in podiatry practice by reducing the time and energy required to enter clinical data into the EHR. Employees can use voice recognition innovation and hands-free information to submit information into the EHR fast and conveniently without sacrificing productivity. In addition to more accurate data input, practitioners utilizing speech recognition technology may actively connect with clients because typing at a workstation is no longer required.

Care coordination 

The great majority of clients who visit a podiatry office are likely to be under the supervision of other medical professionals. Furthermore, these clients may have comorbid diseases that are closely linked to their appointment with the podiatrist in some situations. A podiatry EHR should be able to effortlessly communicate medical data across treatment locations in these situations.

Electronic Prescriptions

An e-Prescribing (e-Rx) capability is a must-have tool for any Podiatry EHR Software Suite. Physically writing prescriptions can be a time-consuming procedure for doctors and practice employees. When your Podiatry EHR System’s e-Prescribing technology automates the drafting of prescriptions and delivers them to patient-specified pharmacies, mistakes are considerably eliminated, and the procedure becomes much more effective.

Remote Access

Doctors can access all of their data while on the go with Mobile EMR access. This enables them to access, update, and share all medical files electronically, allowing them to make well-informed judgments even when they are not in the clinic. This is a critical function that not all Podiatry EHR suppliers offer, but if you discover it in your software, it can be really valuable.

Meaningful Use (MU) Data

Podiatrists are usually motivated to enroll in reimbursement schemes by completing Meaningful Use requirements, but specific criteria must be completed in order to be accepted. The ideal EHR platform will guide you through the process of achieving Meaningful Use (MU). This also reveals your flaws and areas where you need to improve.

Sammy EHR

For nearly 30 years, physicians have relied on Sammy EHR, a Podiatry-specific electronic health records application. It has the most up-to-date features to assist in increasing income and running operations as efficiently as feasible. Other software businesses cannot help customers like Sammy EHR can because of the considerable industry knowledge. Sammy EHR online patient portal, automatic appointment verification, MIPS tracking, and registry reporting are all seamlessly connected. Many Sammy EHR reviews talk about how well developed the software is. To know Sammy EHR pricing, you can schedule a Sammy EHR demo.

How does Sammy EHR help optimize medical practices?

With a simple click, the program refreshes clients’ demographic data and enables doctors to replicate past notes. Clients can also obtain lab results, details about their booked visits, health information, and other important information through the Sammy EHR patient portal. Clients can also use this protected patient site to request an appointment and complete intake documents.


Medical professionals can also simply import MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, photos, and other images into individual patient charts. Physicians can use Sammy Systems’ EHR to record data, easily save photos, and check previous diagnoses. Users can also check their customers’ insurance eligibility with a single click using Sammy EHR software.

Furthermore, the possibilities of a claim denial or a mistake are quite slim because it alerts users to any claims problems. Clients’ information and data are updated with Sammy EHR software, and clinicians can repeat a note with a single click.

Top Features of Sammy EHR

Dashboard Function

The dashboard function is frequently mentioned in Sammy EHR evaluations. This feature enables you to personalize it according to your tastes. This aids you in making your software encounter even better than ever.

Client Portal

You can use the patient portal function to cut down on the volume of activities on your to-do list. Clients can use this tool to make their own appointments, check their bills, and much more. This ensures you don’t have to do things for them any longer!


Sammy EHR has an encrypted messaging platform where you may communicate with your clients and staff in confidence. This allows you to keep things organized while also providing a secure way to connect with everyone!

Patient Scheduling

Sammy EHR’s scheduling tool allows you to book as many clients as feasible in a single day. You can considerably enhance your revenue by scheduling a max number of individuals every day!

Final Words!

Sammy EHR is a great EMR Systems List medical software. If you are thinking of investing in Sammy EHR software, make sure you schedule a Sammy EHR demo beforehand.

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