7 Easy Tips To Get Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Women indeed have to face several complications during pregnancy. But, some specific health issues are not good for pregnant women. For example, back pain during pregnancy is a common issue. Several pregnant women use specific medications to overcome back pain. But, medications are not a good choice during pregnancy.

Luckily, some natural ways are available through which you can get relief from back pain. By doing physical workouts and good poses, pregnant women can stay away from back pain. You can consider 7 important tips to overcome back pain during pregnancy.

1) Do Practice for Good Poses

During pregnancy, the movement of a baby changes according to the development. In such a situation, you should practice good posture. Indeed, good postures refer to sitting or standing with care. You should choose a comfortable chair to support your back while sitting. Also, you should consider the best pose while standing for a longer time. Here are some important facts to remember while practising good poses:

  • Always stand up in a straight and tall manner
  • Try to hold your chest higher
  • Make sure not to lock your knees
  • Take your shoulders back and feel proper relaxation

2) Pay Attention while Lifting

During pregnancy, women should not lift heavyweights. Otherwise, it may be harmful to the health of both mothers and babies. Firstly, keep an eye on your pregnancy calendar. Always lift weight according to the pregnancy trimester. For the first trimester, pregnant women should avoid lifting any weight. Lifting weight may be the reason behind back pain.

For further trimesters, women have to remember some principles while lifting any object. In the case of small objects, you should sit down and lift with the help of your legs. Make sure not to bend the waist or lift your back. Always be at your limit and don’t hesitate to help when needed.

3) Don’t Sleep on Your Back

If you are facing back pain during pregnancy, always sleep on your side. You should ignore the sleep on your back. In serious conditions, pregnant women should visit the best fertility hospital in Bangalore. While sleeping on your side, remember some points in your mind:

  • Try to keep both (or one) knees bent while sleeping
  • However, you can also use pillows between the bent knees
  • Also, you can place a pillow under your abdomen to get relief from back pain
  • Pillows are the best choice to be placed behind the back

4) Use Heat/Cold Pack and Massage

According to the study, a heating pad or ice pack is an ideal choice for back pain. Pregnant women should obtain these cold/hot packs during pregnancy. Also, they should go through gentle massage during pregnancy. Massage helps to heal your back and prevent back pain. It will also help to keep your mind calm and happy.

5) Do Some Physical Activities

Commonly, human beings should do physical activities on a daily basis. Likewise, a physical workout is important for pregnant women. Through physical workouts, you can make your back stronger. Some gentle exercises like walking or water exercises are best to get relief from back pain. However, you can also go through a physical therapist for back pain during pregnancy. Keep remember the following physical activities for rapid relief in back pain:

  • Firstly, you should stretch the lower back
  • Try to use your knees, hands, and head while relaxing
  • Also, pull your abdomen and keep rounding your back slowly
  • Now, hold for numerous seconds and then give rest to your back and abdomen
  • Lastly, try to keep your back flat as much as possible

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6) Avail the Accurate Gear

During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid using high heels. It is important to maintain a balance of your body. In this regard, you can visit the best gynaecologist hospital in Bangalore.

7) Go through Complementary Therapies

According to the study, acupuncture may provide relaxation from back pain for pregnant women. Chiropractic treatment is also an ideal choice to get relief from back pain. Overall, you should consult with health experts before going through complementary therapies.

Last Words

If you are not getting positive outcomes from the above tips, it is better to consult with your experts. They will perform the right treatment and diagnosis as per your health condition. Hence, you should also take advice from your gynaecologist.

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