6 best ‘UPI cashback’ apps every smartphone user should down

Cashless payment is not a new age concept, but it has gained popularity recently. There are various apps these days through which people make digital payments using their UPI ID. The exciting part is that these apps have UPI cashback offers, which the users can enjoy if they make each transaction through the same app. To do these transactions, all they need is a smartphone, and they can pay for shopping, pay the utility bills, transfer money, and make a lot of other payments. Not only this, with the UPI app cashback offer, they can get some percentage of the billing amount back into their account! It is the cashback that makes UPI payments all the more popular. However, to make the most out of it, one should use the best UPI app.

Six best UPI cashback apps for every smartphone user


FavePay is a leading UPI cashback app through which users can make payments to various brands and enjoy the cashback in return. There are many brands listed on the FavePay app. Users can look for their favourite stores to shop or order food and pay through the QR code scanner on the app to get the UPI cashback offer. The cashback is credited directly to their bank account on their next payment. The user interface is user-friendly, without any complicated procedures. Following the simple guidelines on the app, one can get hold of it and use it for online shopping and payments.


It is another renowned name on the UPI cashback app list. Users can find plenty of deals and offers for their favourite stores, salons, restaurants, and spa joints on the Nearbuy app. Moreover, when they pay through the app, they also become entitled to the cashback offers. It is like having a double discount from the seller and getting the services or the products at a low price. Nearbuy covers the businesses in multiple cities of the country. Users can specify their location and get deals for their local stores.


Mobikwik is another feature-rich option for a UPI app that offers cashback offers and a smooth process for all online transactions. The app also gives ease of payment, recharge options and makes it easy to transfer money to and from various accounts. Users also get an expense manager on the app. It is a feature using which they can prescribe how much money they want to spend through the app, and it will notify them once they reach that value.

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Eating or shopping at any outlet can entitle users to the UPI app cashback offer. MagicPin provides a cashback of up to 100% to its users by just taking a picture of their invoice. All they need to do is take a selfie at the place they visit and upload it on the app, along with a photo of their bill. They will scan and analyze the details, and the cashback will reflect in the app wallet.


Though the app got introduced in the market a few years ago, it rapidly became popular because of its Google legacy. Google has excellent credibility, so it didn’t take much time for people to adopt its UPI app and enjoy the cashback offers it gives. Users can attach any bank details with the app and make payments. Money gets deducted from their account, and it all happens within seconds. Just one negative aspect, the cashback is generally less.


PhonePe gives plenty of options to its users other than the UPI transactions. They can pay their credit card bills, clear utility bills, recharge their phone, and more through this app. Users can expect to get great cashback offers for each transaction through this app.

The list of such apps that a smartphone user can download is endless. The increasing propensity of people towards this cashless mode of payment and the UPI cashback offer led to the launch of multiple apps. The growing competition made it challenging for the user to decide which one would work best. To keep your money safe and enjoy all the perks of UPI payments, one needs to choose the app carefully.

Carry out extensive research, and explore multiple options before narrowing your choices to one app. Read user reviews to get a clear idea about the safety and effectiveness of the app. Make a wise decision, and you will enjoy all the perks that this cashless mode of payment has to offer.

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